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didn't finish much lately... i was randomly continuing my norah aisling 『gypsy 』 fanart and my shoyu fanart 『champion 』...

changed the face again...

i also did a sketch of taruko's highwizard

and i did draw  montanas highpriest 
「do not click if you are under 16, thx ♪—」a bit other way around .-. the funny thing was that i found a ragnarok pserver site by mistake after^^ with a sprite looking like
i ve drawn montana XD " see here

«Ich distanziere mich ausdrücklich von dem Inhalt der verlinkten Seiten »

29.5.07 21:21

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Leinef (20.3.07 14:40)
love that sketch you did for Takuro :D
It looks great <3

watery (21.3.07 00:13)
thanks leinef q_q hopefully i have enough time next weekend to color something like i told u. .-. hopefully got my gypsies lvl up sooner then expected + i have my last test on thu [yay for town event + imma arrow + highwizard spawn].

*i m dizzy ;__;*

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