Norah Aisling

i decided to redo a picture for jackie..
i dont want to go on with the old picture because i m not satisfied with it anymore. also she said she wants to print it when i m done... 
and i m using a higher resulution for that reason now.

this was the first coloring after the rough sketch (cant post the sketch, cause i m drawing all on 1 layer atm)


first rough try

going on...

so actually u see it s changing over and over again :/

tools of trade here: painter 7 only .-.

29.5.07 21:19

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Pinali (19.2.07 14:43)
No .. lineart .. q.q *respect*

Jackie (26.2.07 22:40)
<3 freu mich scho drauf :D

montana (1.3.07 11:10)

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